Friday, May 25, 2012

St. Joseph School at L-Ahrax tal-Mellieha

Today's clean up was sooo much fun! We had 70 girls from St Joseph's school with us, and the saying 'the more hands the merrier' proved as true as words possibly can... they were singing and laughing and were truly shocked at the amount of rubbish left behind at the Ahrax camping ground.

We saved a chair from a tree, the girls found about 3 dead hedgehogs and we found one decapitated little bird ( i think it was a sparrow) along with multitudes of plastic and bullet shells.

Thanks to all of you from St Joseph's School, especially to @ Manya Russo for putting so much work into getting it altogether! Big shout out to Kim of Birdlife for coming down and informing the girls on the endangered speices we are trying to protect, as well as the regular volunteers who pitched in!

We filled 28 Recycle Bags, 40 Garbage Bags and even recorded a contender for the next Green Eurovision song!! Hope to see you all again on more clean ups.. Pura Vida!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Malta's 3rd Annual Ocean's Initiative European Wide Cleanup


Another Great Day! We had such an impressive turnout today for our European Ocean's Inititative Cleanup... and even more impressive was how spotless the beach was.

All the same we managed to fill up 13 Garbage Bags and 15 Recycle Bags. Looks like we may have to cut them ties with my favourite beach soon and clean up other areas in need!

TODAY you all made MALTA proud, such a great representation of Ethical Beings. THAT'S RUBBISH lives on through all of you, GRAZZI HAFNA!

PS. We took plenty more pics if you'd like to check them out!