Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer break

That's Rubbish volunteers!! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have joined us on a cleanup this past season. The summer swelter has kicked in and we will resume these cleanups come end of September.

For those of you who are interested in the That's Rubbish Branches Out project (see Facebook group That's Rubbish Branches Out!) I will be in touch beginning of September to further guide you. Luckily our beaches are better taken care of in the summer months which allows us to take our gloves OFF and kick back. That's Rubbish will be distributing FREE BEACH ASHTRAYS this month (YAY) Thanks to Central Cigarette Company for sponsoring them. BUTT'S over n OUT... Have an EPIC summer ;0)) x

Beach ashtrays!

Yay! Sponsored Beach Ashtrays from The British American Tobacco company. We've got 5000 of these babies to hand out for FREE. Pick ur BUTT'S UP!

Corona Extra saves the beach

That's Rubbish was sent out to clean the beach voted dirtiest by all of you! A SAVE THE BEACH initiative sponsored by Corona Extra. The beach ironically enough voted the filthiest was Pretty Bay in Birzebbugia.

Yup, we sure did put the Pretty back in the bay so here's a cheers to all the pretty ears who heard our shout out for volunteers at Corona Extra Malta Save The Beach cleanup @ Pretty Bay The Bay.

The amount of cigarette butts in the sand was INTENSE! Put your BUTT'S OUT in a responsible place. Each cigarette BUTT takes 12 YEARS to decompose, each one of those years toxins are released into the enviornment. Serious Stuff. Start with where you Stand. Roger.

Thanks to the Save the Beach initiative for taking the time out to give our beaches some much needed attention!