Wednesday, December 30, 2009

27th & 29th Dec clean up

The strong winter currents once again piled tonnes of rubbish onto the beach, the far side being so bad we could barely see the ground beneath it. It was a shocking site, even to the regulars of the group. The bewildering question on everyone's mind.. who on earth was throwing all of this into the sea? With such a large volume of the rubbish looking like edible material to marine life, it was a sad reminder of how little respect some individuals have for the illusive creatures of the mediterranean, such as turtles, dolphins and sharks.

Bad weather cut the original clean up short but didn't stop a handful of determined volunteers from collecting an impressive amount of trash despite the wind and rain.

Two days later a few of us managed to get back down to the beach to finish off what the others had started and collected close to 20 bags full.

A cleaner beach for all to enjoy and a good many turtles with less plastic to suffocate on. Big thanks to all who joined!

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