Tuesday, February 23, 2010

21st Feb clean up

A beautiful sunny day with a cool sea breeze was just what we'd hoped for. We'd like to take this opporunity to thank the lovely Audri and Jessica who drove up just in time to shower us with Red Bull to energise our clean up, and then down the steps we went!

In addition to the usual rubbish collecting, this time round we also attempted a simple sieving system to try and get rid of the smaller pieces of plastic that littered the sand.

Locate lots of plastic... check.

Sieve out the large pieces.

Onto the smaller bits...

Voila! What sand should really look like.

It was a successful attempt but a very time consuming one, so many more nets and many more hands would be needed next time round to make a real visible difference over the entire beach!

Two hours later the hard working team had collected a record volume of rubbish and stacked it proudly at the base of the steps for our custom group photo.

Another job well done and off to the bowling alley for a good time amongst awesome people... (photos of gutter balls too embarrassing for this blog). Thanks to all for joining!


  1. Wow! Brilliant! =D But that sieve thing is very time consuming for such a small bit of sand. You'll need lots of people to do it to make a big difference!

    Xx Steffi xX

  2. It certainly is! We'd need lots of people & lots of mesh to make a big visible impact. If the numbers of volunteers permits next time perhaps we can have a go at a larger scale attempt.