Wednesday, April 28, 2010

25th April clean up

Our merge with the Malta Surfing Association (Surf Malta) brought a much welcomed addition of several surfers to the clean up, who kindly gave up some of their time before hitting the waves. We were all very pleasantly surprised at the amount of rubbish we found on the beach this time round - mainly due to what appears to be local council cleaning during the summer months.

A big thanks goes out to Ann Zammit from the Sunday Times for coming down to support the group and to Brian Azzopardi from CODE.TV for taking some footage of the clean up.

The long awaited installation of several waste and recycling bins was a welcomed site and will hopefully encourage more beach goers to bin their rubbish in future, instead of littering the sand and sea.

Thanks as always goes out to all the new faces, surfers and regular volunteers for another job well done. Catch you at the next one!

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