Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ocean & Earth cleanup / Oceans Initiatives 2011

The long awaited Ocean & Earth cleanup/Oceans Initiatives 2011 got off to a great start with lots of old and new faces eagerly snatching up rubbish bags and asking where to begin.

To our delight the main beach area was relatively clean, however the surrounding hills were scattered with bottles, wrappers and tissues.

Everyone quickly split up into teams and were assigned areas to see too and within an hour a huge mound of rubbish bags started piling up at our meeting point.

Sadly we came across a cruel reminder of the damage plastic and rubbish is having on our wildlife. This Cory Shearwater was found washed up on shore, tangled in rope and plastic.

We decided to venture over the clay cliffs and down to the tiny cove that lay beneath. We were met by hundreds upon hundreds of bottles washed up by the sea. We jumped to it and after a lot of hard work, had plenty of bags to tediously scramble up the cliff side with. With every two steps we seemed to slide down one but we made it eventually!

A big thanks to Oceans Initiatives for providing us with their support and huge eco friendly rubbish bags to make our beaches shine again!

Great work guys, until next time!

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