Saturday, March 10, 2012

One Tribe Saves The Seas on Feb 25th

Thanks to the Get Up Stand Up Crew for a great gathering at the beach today for our clean up...

We all gathered together as one with some local refugees and had a lovely day in the sun. 

Get Up Stand Up crew

The far end of the beach was in a bit of a state, but it didn't remain that way for long... as our Beach Cleanin Ninja's pulled on their gloves and got down to the dirty work.

No matter how old we get, boys always love getting muddy.

We found lots of wood washed up from the sea and plenty of plastic bottle caps, although I have seen the beach in much worse of a state. We got down right dirty and full of clay but that was half of the fun...

Ann enjoying her first That's Rubbish clean up!

That's Rubbish/Get Up Stand Up managed to fill 15 Rubbish bags and 5 recycle bags. It feels great to know you've saved that much more from going back into the sea.

We were pleased to get a visit from Nicole Kil Nielsen who works for the Green Party/EU Parliament in France. Her support was very much welcomed and she was so happy to see such an initiative taking place that she even wrote about this to the EU Parliament! Yay!

Romina, one of our most dedicated regulars!

Green is the New Black.. Stay tuned for our 3rd Annual Ocean's Initiative Cleanup on March 24th!

Today's team!

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