Sunday, August 25, 2013

Riviera Bus Stop Busting

Anyone who has used the bus stop by Riviera, Ghajn Tuffieha has probably had a peak over the wall and down into the field below. 

The amount of rubbish thrown over from the side of the road was quite shocking and for years we have walked past it on our way to cleaning the beach below, wondering how the owner of the land felt about the state it was in.

While we're still not sure who it belongs to, we could no longer take seeing it in this state so we took a break from the sand and got to work here instead. We originally expected to be done within 1 clean up, but it sadly took us 3 to make a dent in it. While we still can't call it spotless, it's a massive improvement. 

It's sad to think that 77 bags were collected from the one small area. I wish we knew how much weight that relates to.

After a lot of emailing, phoning and pushing, the local council has finally planted 2 bins by the bus stop so we hope this will do the trick in keeping it clean from now on.

Thanks to everyone who took part, and the random strangers from the bus stop who pitched in!

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