Thursday, June 3, 2010

23rd May clean up

A hard working quintet were the force behind our first clean up away from the beach, and boy did Buskett need a helping hand! Being the largest woodland area on the island and a hot spot for picnickers, it quickly became clear that we had undertaken a mammoth task.. one which would need many more volunteers and many more visits to cover.

We mainly focused on the deepest parts of the wood which had been left neglected for a very, very long time, evident from glass bottles that aren't even in production any more and non-biodegradable plastic bags that had actually started falling to pieces.

15 bags and several hours later we hauled the rubbish back to the starting line happy with what we had achieved. Due to the sheer size and man power needed to help restore this beautiful place back to its natural state, we'll be heading back again soon with our friends from GreenHouse Malta for another clean up, so stay tuned for the date!

Many thanks to new comers Mike & Pennie! Catch you at the next one.


  1. Looking forward to the next busket :)

  2. In fact. Even uploaded!!

    Thanks for all your help!

    Hoping this will get the job done! Bookings are coming in. Thanks again David!

  3. Looking forward to working with you guys Joe :)